Savannah Valley District

November To-Do-List

Laura Lee Rose, Horticulture Agent – County Coordinator   Continue with the gardening chores you didn’t finish last month. It is still an excellent time to plant woody trees and shrubs. Plant ones grown in small containers (one- or three-gallon) as they will establish as well, if not better than larger ones, at a fraction […]

Food Safety in Hurricanes and Floods

Christine Patrick, County Extension EFNEP Agent Flooding often accompanies hurricanes. Persons living in areas subject to floods should be ready to raise refrigerators or freezers by putting cement blocks under their corners. Canned goods and other foods kept in a basement or low cabinets should be moved higher. Flood waters may carry silt, raw sewage, […]

Beaufort County 4-H Club Program

Meghan E. Barkley, 4-H Extension Agent The 2022-2023 4-H club year began on September 1st.  It has been a busy start for the Beaufort County 4-H program.  With school gardens growing and new projects starting, there is something for everyone.  For our Beaufort County 4-H club members, variety is the spice of life. The Lowcountry […]

The Essential Kitchen Item

Gayle Williford, 4-H Youth Development/ Food Systems & Safety Agent What is one of the most critical tools for anyone who cooks? A food thermometer, of course! Not long ago, consumers were told to cook poultry until the juices run clear. Today, they are instructed to cook foods to a safe minimum internal temperature. The temperature […]

Congratulations to the New Rural Health Agent

Jevencia Hill, Rural Health Agent – Colleton and Hampton Jevencia Hill completed a Bachelor of Human Services degree at the University of South Carolina. She has over ten years of public services and human services experience. Since completing her degree, Jevencia has worked in the long-term care, mental health, and human services professions. She is […]

SC Adopt-a-Stream

Charly McConnell Greehthaler- Water Resource Agent As our fall temperatures decrease, making time outside more pleasant, take advantage of this time and get outdoors! One program that aims at doing just that is the SC Adopt-a-Stream (SC AAS) program. This citizen science program is a joint effort between SC DHEC and Clemson University, training volunteers […]

This Month in Your Garden – October

Laura Lee Rose, Horticulture Agent – County Coordinator Spring blooming perennials and most woodies are best installed now. This allows the roots to grow and spread through the winter months. Spring and summer blooming perennials can be divided now: transplant or share the divisions. Do not fertilize lawns or shrubs in the fall. That can […]

Midlands Field Update

Phillip Carnley – Area Horticulture Agent “A few growers are starting to dig fresh market sweet potatoes in Orangeburg and Calhoun as the ground has dried out this week. Peanuts are still being dug. Fall squash and pumpkins are seeing downy and powdery mildew and an increase in aphids. For the first time, this season […]

“Test Before You Touch” Comes to Farms in Calhoun County

Charles Davis, Row Crops Agronomy Agent – Calhoun and Richland County Center Pivot Irrigation is massive in Calhoun County. Nearly half of the county’s farmland is covered by over 400 irrigation systems, making it the most irrigated county in South Carolina. Irrigation has significantly impacted Calhoun County farms’ success, and in some years, is a […]

Finding Flavor in Marinades

Christine Patrick, County Extension EFNEP Agent What do you look forward to when you sit down to a meal? Are you most concerned with how the food looks or are you busier calculating the number of vitamins, fiber, and protein? For 99% of us, the answer is neither! The flavor is what you are looking […]