Savannah Valley District

Homemaker’s Column: Fresh Produce, Keep It Safe

Christine J. Patrick, County Extension Agent -EFNEP Spring has arrived and is the start of South Carolina’s fresh produce season. There is no need to cook with frozen broccoli and strawberries; it will soon be perfect. Cooking and eating freshly harvested foods is, without a doubt, the most flavorful and healthy way to eat. However, […]

Homemaker’s Column: Stretch Your Food Dollar

Christine J. Patrick, County Extension Agent – EFNEP Are you looking for ways to stretch your food dollars and have more money to pay other expenses? You can save money at the grocery store during these challenging economic times by planning and following some simple guidelines. Make a Menu Plan for the Week: When your […]

Around the Countryside: Eastern Tent Caterpillars Invade the County

Tent Caterpillar Nest

Marion Barnes, Senior County Extension Agent Spring has definitely arrived in the low country. Home gardeners are working in their gardens; azaleas and dogwoods have been blooming for several weeks. Tent caterpillars are making their appearance on the foliage of our trees and shrubs. The eastern tent caterpillar, Malacosoma americanum is a native pest of […]

Homemaker’s Column: Food Safety for the Elderly

Christine J. Patrick, County Extension Agent – EFNEP Certain foods may contain harmful bacteria that won’t make the general population sick. Still, they can be a problem for the elderly (as well as very young children, pregnant women, and those with chronic illnesses or compromised immune systems). No one has established a given age for […]

Homemaker’s Column: Do You Know Just How Cold Your Freezer and Fridge Are?

Christine J. Patrick, County Extension Agent – EFNEP Should you eat that slice of meat you just found in the back of the freezer? If you don’t know what it is and how long it’s been there, probably not. That’s just one of the kinds of questions on food safety that the Home and Garden […]