Savannah Valley District

Homemakers Column: Frequently Asked Canning Questions

Christine J. Patrick, County Extension Agent – EFNEP As a novice or experienced home canner, you may have questions about safely preserving and storing high-quality foods. The following list of answers to frequently asked questions can give you the skills and confidence to make your canning experience successful. Can food be re-canned if the lid […]

National Farm Safety and Health Week- September 18 -24, 2022- Protecting Agriculture’s Future

Marion Barnes, County Extension Agent, Clemson University Since 1944, the third week of September has been recognized as National Farm Safety and Health Week. This recognition was initiated by the National Safety Council and has been proclaimed by each sitting U.S. President since Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the first document. National Farm Safety and Health […]

Homemaker’s Column: Consider Nutrition When Dining Alone

Christine Patrick, County Agent If you’re eating alone regularly, you are part of an increasing trend. Each evening, one in ten Americans is dining alone. Whether it’s an adult heating up a cup of soup or a child micro-waving a TV dinner, dining alone can have its downfalls. Several research studies indicate that the diets of […]


CHRISTINE PATRICK COUNTY EXTENSION AGENT One of the most common food safety questions asked is “How long can food be stored before it becomes unsafe to eat?” There are different recommendations for most foods and HGIC is a great place to call or visit online when you are unsure. Food manufacturers often label their products […]

Homemaker’s Column: Fermentation: Preserving Tradition and Nutrition

Christine J. Patrick, County Extension Agent – EFNEP As one of the oldest food preservation and preparation forms, fermentation has been around throughout recorded human history. Still, many consider the process somewhat of a mystery. While most associate alcohol with fermentation, many are unaware of the everyday foods produced through fermentation and how the process […]