Savannah Valley District

Modifying Holiday Recipes

Christine Patrick, County Extension Agent Enjoy a healthful guilt-free holiday by modifying the recipes for some of your favorite holiday foods to reduce the fat, sugar, and salt and to add fiber. These guidelines explain how to change certain ingredients and by how much. Fat You save about 120 calories for every tablespoon of oil […]

Protecting Local Waterways with Native Plants

Native Buffer Plant

Ellen Sturup Comeau, Clemson Extension Water Resources Agent Our creeks and rivers give us places to play, fish to eat, and protection from floods. However, stormwater runoff threatens our waterways. According to the EPA, stormwater runoff is the greatest threat to water quality. In South Carolina, more than 1,150 of our rivers are considered “impaired.”  […]

Plug-In Ingredients and Make Casserole

Christine Patrick, County Extension Agent Leftovers can be just leftovers, or you can jazz things up and turn them into something your family may start wanting more often. The idea is to plug ingredients into a casserole formula. You mix and match according to what you have in the refrigerator or on the pantry shelf, […]