Savannah Valley District

“Choose Health: Food, Fun, and Fitness” and “Teen Cuisine” Programs

Patti Chapman, Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) Nutrition Educator, Patti Chapman, finished out the school year by bringing the “Choose Health:  Food, Fun, and Fitness” program and the “Teen Cuisine” program to Beaufort County students. Students pictured on the left are measuring how many teaspoons of fat are in different fast-food items.  During […]

Celebrating Clemson Extension Employee’s Service Milestones in June

Clemson Extension 4-H

Congratulations to All University Staff who achieved milestones in the month of June: Jonathan Croft, Agriculture Extension Agent, June 2, 2006 – 18 years! Karissa Ulmer, District Extension Director, June 5, 2000 – 24 years! Chad Carter, Food Systems and Safety Associate, June 2016 – 8 years! Dawn Stuckey, 4-H and Youth Development Agent, June […]


Akendra Garrett, EFENP Agent – Berkeley and Charleston Counties Akendra Garrett, Berkeley and Charleston counties’ Nutrition Educator, is eager to work with MUSC CARES medical students to sign up eligible individuals for the Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP). In an attempt to raise awareness in the St. Stephen community about the numerous health […]

Beaufort County EFNEP (Expanded Food & Nutrition Education Program)

Patti H. Chapman, Nutrition Educator – Clemson University Over 140 students recently completed the “Choose Health: Food, Fun, and Fitness” (CHFFF) program.  These eight groups of third graders learned how to choose healthy snacks, read nutrition facts labels, develop healthy eating habits, increase physical activity, practice safe food handling, and prepare healthy dishes. One of […]

Falling Into Healthier Drinking Habits

Akendra Jackson, EFNEP Nutrition Educator Water is important in our daily routine, and we must work hard to develop better habits. A large percentage of our bodies are made up of water; as we lose water, we must replenish it. Drinking enough water daily is essential for maintaining a healthy weight, flushing toxins, regulating body temperature, […]

Yams vs Sweet Potatoes


Christine Patrick, Senior County EFNEP Agent The New World gave Europeans more than a way to expand geographically. It gave them new foods to expand their culinary horizons. Take batatas, for example. That’s the New World name for sweet potatoes. No, not yams. Sweet potatoes and yams are two different things. Those canned “yams” at […]

“Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program”

Patti Chapman Nutrition Educator – Beaufort County Patti has been spending this fall teaching the Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) to both adults and youth.  The “Eating Smart Being Active” (ESBA) adult curriculum was taught at “Programs for Exceptional People” (P.E.P.).  Located in Bluffton, SC, their mission is: “to promote independence, social interaction, […]

Meet Colleton County’s Newest Member

Office Assistant Jessica Grubb Jessica is a native of Colleton County. She has a multitude of experience in sales and customer service. Jessica enjoys helping others, which has been evident throughout her career. For the last 12 years, Jessica has worked as a cosmetologist, providing the best possible experience for her clients. She also served […]

Fall- The Peak Season for America’s Apple Lovers

Christine Patrick, Senior County EFNEP Agent Fall is the highlight of the year for America’s apple lovers. That’s when domestic production peaks and apples are at their best.   This means extra flavor for fresh snacking, pies, or applesauce. For a light dessert, raw apples combine well with cheddar cheese.   For a kid-pleaser, pair apple slices […]

Keep it Safe When Brown-Bagging

CHRISTINE PATRICK, SENIOR COUNTY EFNEP AGENT Whether it’s students taking lunch to school or adults packing lunch for work, millions of people across the country pack a bag of lunch each day.  Bag lunches should be handled with care to make sure the meal inside remains tasty and safe to eat. Follow these safety tips […]