Savannah Valley District

National Farm Safety and Health Week

Marion Barnes, County Extension Agent, Clemson University Anyone actively involved in farming can tell you about the hazards and risks encountered while providing the food, fiber, and fuel this country and the world depend on. Just as consumers sometimes overlook the important role farmers play in their lives, farmers often overlook the dangers of farming. […]

Embryology at the Allendale County Library

Hillary Pope, Area Livestock & Forages Agent With the start of summer and the many activities available to youth, I partnered with the Allendale County Library Summer Reading Program and set up an incubator. Students learned about embryology and the chicken life cycle by listening to the book Hatching Chicks in Room 6 by Caroline […]

Initial Private Pesticide Applicator Training & Licensing Exam

Hillary Pope, Area Livestock and Forages Agent Clemson Extension Agents Joe Varn and Hillary Pope hosted an initial private pesticide applicator training and licensing earlier this year. There were 13 participants in the training, and an exam was given immediately after the class. Participants learned about pest control principles, pesticide labeling, pesticides and the environment, […]

Livestock and Forages

Nicole Correa,  Area Livestock and Forages Agent A lot is going on with Livestock and Forages right now. With the number of events available soon, in lieu of a conversational blog, we will substitute this newsletter version with a schedule of available events. Please call or email me if you have any questions! Beef Marketing […]

Winter Management of Cattle

Nicole Correa and Hillary Pope, Area Livestock & Forages Agents Preparing your livestock for the winter months may seem less daunting here in the South, unlike some mid-western states that see a lot of snow. However, it is just as vital for us as it is for others. We would like to include a few tips […]

Youths Participate in Market Hog Project

Hillary Pope, County 4-H & Livestock Agent Local youth participated in the Savannah Valley 4-H Market Hog Project. Twelve youths from 3 different counties participated in the project. Throughout the project, members cared for their animals daily and attended workshops to learn more about animal science. Participants also had the opportunity to exhibit their animals […]

Pesticide Applicator Trainings Back on Track

Marion Barnes

Marion Barnes, Senior County Extension Agent After a break from in-person programming due to the pandemic, agricultural producers are again attending Extension meetings. Agricultural producers who purchase and apply restricted-use pesticides (RUPs) must be certified in the safe use and application of pesticide control products. The SC Pesticide Control Act requires all private, commercial and […]

Livestock Meeting August 18, 2022

Nicole Correa- Area Livestock and Forage Midlands Agent The end of hay season brings us to show season here in SC! A few livestock shows are coming up shortly, but I would like to highlight the Orangeburg County Fair Livestock Show and the shows at the State Fair in Columbia. Several Calhoun and Orangeburg participants […]

Hazards at Harvest Time: Safety Tips for Farmers

Marion Barnes, Senior County Extension Agent Long hours, changing weather conditions, large machinery, and the urgency to get the crop in make fall harvest an especially hazardous time for farmers. Stress and human error can lead to farm injuries and fatalities while gathering crops. Remember that YOU are your most valuable tool on the farm, […]