Savannah Valley District

Sun Safety: Tips for Staying Safe in the Sun

  Marion Barnes, Senior County Extension Agent – Colleton & Hampton Agriculture relies on sunshine for growing and harvesting crops, raising healthy livestock, and providing adequate work conditions. However, the sun may be one of the biggest health hazards farmers and ranchers face. Farmers spend enormous amounts of time in the sun to get their […]

Healthy Choices of Ethnic Foods

Christine Patrick, County Extension EFNEP Agent Look for these menu items and terms when choosing healthy ethnic foods: Cajun:  Boiled crawfish or shrimp; boiled or grilled seafood; Creole and jambalaya dishes; turkey or roast beef Po’ Boy sandwiches; red beans and rice without sausage Chinese: Steamed dishes (e.g. dumplings, rice, spring rolls, and whole fish); […]

Choosing the Right Canner for Home Canning

Christine Patrick, County Extension EFNEP Agent Many myths exist about safe ways to can foods. The reality is that food must be processed using the right equipment and the right recipes to ensure safety. The type of canner you need depends on the food you want to preserve. A water bath canner is used to […]