Savannah Valley District

Sun Safety: May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month

Marion Barnes, Senior County Extension Agent, Colleton and Hampton Counties Agriculture relies on sunshine for growing and harvesting crops, rising healthy livestock, and providing adequate work conditions. However, the sun may be one of the biggest health hazards farmers faces. To get their jobs done, farmers and agricultural workers spend enormous amounts of time in […]

Starting Vegetable Seeds for Spring Planting

Glen Payne, Urban Horticulture Agent The days are getting longer, and the ground is warming up as spring comes around again. Now, it’s time to get busy planting containers with vegetables. Last week was an opportunity to visit the Seed & Feed store to pick out the vegetable seeds for a new promise of hope […]

Around the Countryside Tips for Buying Hay

Marion Barnes, Senior County Extension Agent Clemson University When it comes to producing hay, livestock producers experience seasons of shortage and abundance. As winter nears, beef cattle producers should take stock of their hay inventories to ensure an adequate supply to get them through until next spring. Not every cattle producer has the luxury to […]

Bradford Pear Bounty Programs

Janet Steele Area Forestry and Wildlife Agent   Area Agents Rob Last and Janet Steele for Savannah Valley District. We were part of a team of natural resource professionals that braved a chilly Saturday morning in December to distribute free native trees to Lexington area homeowners who had removed Bradford pears from their landscape. Begun […]

Colleton/Hampton County Annual Fruit and Ornamental Tree Sale Fundraiser

Tree Sale Logo

The Clemson Extension Service of Colleton County is holding its annual Fruit and Ornamental Tree sale fundraiser. Proceeds from the sale will benefit Clemson Extension and 4- H programs in Colleton County. Order forms are available at the Colleton County Extension Office located at 611 Black Street, Suite 210 (Bernard Warshaw Building) or on the […]

November To-Do-List

Laura Lee Rose, Horticulture Agent – County Coordinator   Continue with the gardening chores you didn’t finish last month. It is still an excellent time to plant woody trees and shrubs. Plant ones grown in small containers (one- or three-gallon) as they will establish as well, if not better than larger ones, at a fraction […]

Around the Countryside: Eastern Tent Caterpillars Invade the County

Tent Caterpillar Nest

Marion Barnes, Senior County Extension Agent Spring has definitely arrived in the low country. Home gardeners are working in their gardens; azaleas and dogwoods have been blooming for several weeks. Tent caterpillars are making their appearance on the foliage of our trees and shrubs. The eastern tent caterpillar, Malacosoma americanum is a native pest of […]

Soil Sampling: When, How, and Why

Rob Last Area Horticulture Agent.  When? Whether you are a homeowner or commercial farmer, winter is a great time to take soil samples. When the lab reports the results, winter allows applications such as lime to adjust soil pH in plenty of time for the spring growing season. How? Step one: Decide on the number […]

Use Native Plants in Holiday Decorations

Laura Lee Rose, Horticulture Agent The possibilities are endless when using the woods and roadsides to gather holiday decorations. Thanksgiving and harvest are celebrated autumn gatherings, so we will be looking for things with fall’s yellow, orange and red flowers, foliage, and fruits. Leaves and vines can be arranged in vases and baskets. Native grasses […]

Christopher Burtt, Horticulture Agent: Berkeley and Dorchester Counties

Christopher Burtt

Christopher is a Horticulture Extension Agent with a focus on urban horticulture. He coordinates the Tri-county Master Gardener program. He assists homeowners as well as Nurseries and growers in providing technical support. Clemson University Cooperative Extension Service offers its programs to people of all ages, regardless of race, color, gender, religion, national origin, disability, political […]