Savannah Valley District

Planning Your Spring and Summer Garden

Marion Barnes – Senior County Extension Agent – Clemson University In the late 1800’s, a professor named Liberty Hyde Bailey from the Horticultural Department of Michigan State University stated, “A garden is half-made when it is well planned.” The best gardener is one who does the most gardening by the winter fire.”  We all know […]

Spring Start-Up: Check the Pivot!

Becky Davis, Savannah Valley Water Resources Agent As plans for the upcoming growing season move into equipment maintenance, be sure to include the irrigation systems! The first step is to assess the electrical safety. Before touching any part of the system or even limbs that have fallen on the structure, be sure that it has […]

Mendelian Genetics Project

Felicia C. Cunningham and Dawn Stuckey, Senior Extension/4-H Agent Dawn Stuckey and Felicia Cunningham conducted a workshop at Hardeeville Junior & Senior High School in Hardeeville, S.C.  Students participated in a Mendelian genetic project where pairs of students worked to understand genetics and genetic crosses. After reviewing the process of mitosis and meiosis, students replicated […]

Earth Science

Felicia C. Cunningham, Senior Extension / 4-H Agent and Glen Payne, Horticulture Agent On February 13, 2024, Mr. Glen Payne (Horticulture Agent) and Felicia Cunningham (4-H Agent) visited Thomas Heyward Academy in Ridgeland, S.C., to discuss Earth Science.  We had the opportunity to explain Clemson Extension role in the county with Mrs. Harvey’s 7th grade […]

Starting Vegetable Seeds for Spring Planting

Glen Payne, Urban Horticulture Agent The days are getting longer, and the ground is warming up as spring comes around again. Now, it’s time to get busy planting containers with vegetables. Last week was an opportunity to visit the Seed & Feed store to pick out the vegetable seeds for a new promise of hope […]

Partner Highlight: Heritage Community Farm

Amanda Taylor, Forestry and Natural Resources Agent Radishes harvested from the middle school One of the unique projects to spring from the Beaufort County Senior Leadership program is Heritage Community Farm, a nonprofit dedicated to fighting food insecurity in Northern Beaufort County. Headed by previous Senior Leadership participants, this group of volunteers established a farm […]

Christmas Gifts for Farmers That Promote Farm Safety

Marion Barnes Senior County Extension Agent – Clemson University When choosing Christmas gifts for a farmer, think of farm safety. Protecting their health and safety is a priceless gift that one can give in the form of safety equipment for use on the farm. Small items that make a farmer’s life easier and safer include […]

Winter is Coming! Insulate Your Water Pipes!

Becky Davis, Savannah Valley Water Resources Agent Despite the recent unseasonal warm weather, it will get colder! Although only the most northern counties of South Carolina have monthly average temperatures below freezing. It only takes a few hours of temperatures below 25 degrees to cause pipes to freeze! So, now is the time to prepare! […]

ATV Safety

Marion Barnes, Senior County Extension Agent All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) are typical on many farms and properties and are helpful for work, recreational use, and other modes of off-road transportation. However, ATVs continue to be a source of injuries and fatalities for youths as well as adult operators. According to the S.C. Department of Health and […]

Proper Hay Sampling Techniques

Written by Livestock and Forages Agents – Nicole Correa, Sallie Thompson, Marion Barnes, Travis Mitchell and Hillary Pope With the fall weather starting to peek through, it is essential to start considering making hay purchases for the winter season. With all the options available, how does one choose? There are multiple grass and legume options, […]