Savannah Valley District

National Farm Safety and Health Week

Marion Barnes, County Extension Agent, Clemson University Anyone actively involved in farming can tell you about the hazards and risks encountered while providing the food, fiber, and fuel this country and the world depend on. Just as consumers sometimes overlook the important role farmers play in their lives, farmers often overlook the dangers of farming. […]

Keep it Safe When Brown-Bagging

CHRISTINE PATRICK, SENIOR COUNTY EFNEP AGENT Whether it’s students taking lunch to school or adults packing lunch for work, millions of people across the country pack a bag of lunch each day.  Bag lunches should be handled with care to make sure the meal inside remains tasty and safe to eat. Follow these safety tips […]

Picking Up the Pieces – Managing Livestock Pastures After a Severe Weather Event

Marion Barnes, Senior County Extension Agent- Clemson University Severe weather events like hurricanes and tropical storms remind us of how vulnerable we all are to weather events. Livestock producers are no exception. These events cause stress and problems for livestock as well as producers. When storms cause damage to personal property, dwellings, outbuildings, and other […]

Junior Leadership Jasper County (JLJC

Felicia C. Cunningham 4-H/Youth Development Agent 2023-2024 Junior Leadership Jasper County (JLJC) is a ten-month program in which area high school sophomores and juniors are empowered to become trustees of the Jasper County community. Throughout the ten months of the program, students will learn valuable leadership skills, including time management, community issue awareness, and business […]

Embryology at the Allendale County Library

Hillary Pope, Area Livestock & Forages Agent With the start of summer and the many activities available to youth, I partnered with the Allendale County Library Summer Reading Program and set up an incubator. Students learned about embryology and the chicken life cycle by listening to the book Hatching Chicks in Room 6 by Caroline […]

A Summer Full of Fun, Laughter, and Healthy Eating!

Felicia C. Cunningham, Senior Extension/4-H Agent The amount of food and calories children and teens need changes over time based on an individual’s growth stage, gender, and physical activity level. Physical activity and nutrition work together for better health. Physical activity is important for keeping your weight balanced and your bones healthy. It allows you […]

Canvas and Conservation

Amanda Taylor, Forestry and Natural Resources Agent Art and conservation have long gone hand in hand. In the 19th century, artists from the Hudson River School headed west to paint the American wilderness. Their work sparked a movement that birthed the U.S. Forest Service and legislation that led to more wise use of our natural […]

Irrigation – Never Too Late To Calibrate!

Becky Davis, Water Resources Agent- Savannah District Introduction – August in South Carolina may conjure up the start of school and football season, but there still may be hot, dry days in which your plants require additional water to yield the optimal benefits. Irrigation seems simple! Water plants the right amount at the right time. […]

Eastern Tent Caterpillars Are on the Move

Marion Barnes, Senior County Extension Agent – Clemson University Spring has arrived in the low country; home gardeners are working in their gardens, azaleas, and dogwoods have been blooming for several weeks, and tent caterpillars are appearing on our trees’ foliage and shrubs. The eastern tent caterpillar, Malacosoma americanum, is a native pest of North […]

We’re All Upstream

Photo credit: Katie Anne Callahan, Clemson

Becky Davis, Savannah Valley Water Resources Agent Spring is just around the corner and pond owners may find that weeds are already starting to emerge. If not managed early they can become a bigger problem as the temperatures rise. One question that an owner may have is, “why do the weeds keep coming back year […]