Savannah Valley District

Earth Science

Felicia C. Cunningham, Senior Extension / 4-H Agent and Glen Payne, Horticulture Agent

On February 13, 2024, Mr. Glen Payne (Horticulture Agent) and Felicia Cunningham (4-H Agent) visited Thomas Heyward Academy in Ridgeland, S.C., to discuss Earth Science.  We had the opportunity to explain Clemson Extension role in the county with Mrs. Harvey’s 7th grade Earth Science class.  We also discussed soil, weather, and erosion and how those topics are connected to South Carolina’s Low-country agriculture and the environment.  Students asked great questions about water quality, possible occupations in Earth Science, and how technology is used to collect data and its uses.  Mrs. Harvey and her class will complete soil samples and then apply recommendations from the Agricultural Service laboratory as they prepare their yards for Spring planting season.

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