Savannah Valley District

Discarding Spoiled Canned Foods Safely

Christine Patrick, County Extension EFNEP Agent Home food preservers need to know what to do if a jar of food spoils or was improperly processed. Foods must be processed properly to kill bacteria that cause foodborne illness. High-acid foods like fruits and jams must be processed in a water bath canner to prevent molds and […]

Catching up with the Clover! Colleton County 4-H

Colleton 4H

Dawn Stuckey, Colleton/Hampton 4-H Agent Colleton County 4-H Clubs are busy planning fundraisers and community service projects. This year the Colleton 4-H Club has decided to sponsor a kennel at the Colleton Animal Shelter and will be working to raise the funds to do so. Visit the club’s bake sale on Feb. 25 at Tractor […]

Soup for Cold Winter Days

Christine Patrick, County Extension EFNEP Agent There are lots of good reasons to eat soup during January, National Soup Month.  Soup warms the body during the cold days of January and February, but it also warms the heart and soul. It’s simple and it’s the ultimate comfort food—always a welcome change after the holiday frenzy. […]

Farm Safety: New Years Resolutions

Marion Barnes, Senior County Extension Agent Clemson University The New Year brings with it the talk of resolutions. Resolutions, however, have a reputation for being declared and then forgotten. Why not make a promise this year involving your family and their future? Make a promise to create a safer work environment for your farming operation. […]

Colleton/Hampton County Annual Fruit and Ornamental Tree Sale Fundraiser

Tree Sale Logo

The Clemson Extension Service of Colleton County is holding its annual Fruit and Ornamental Tree sale fundraiser. Proceeds from the sale will benefit Clemson Extension and 4- H programs in Colleton County. Order forms are available at the Colleton County Extension Office located at 611 Black Street, Suite 210 (Bernard Warshaw Building) or on the […]

2023 Fruit Tree Sale – Beaufort and Jasper County

Clemson Extension 4-H

Clemson Extension Annual Tree Sale Returns BEAUFORT, South Carolina – Clemson Extension is hosting the annual fruit and ornamental tree sale.  This sale is a fundraiser to benefit Beaufort & Jasper County 4-H programs.  A wide range of bare root trees will be available for purchase.  Among some of the fruit varieties offered are blueberries, […]

New Year’s Resolutions

Christine Patrick, County Extension EFNEP Agent New Year’s resolutions, coming as they do after the excesses of the holidays, typically have to do with living a smarter, healthier lifestyle. And the most common resolutions focus on foods and eating habits—resolutions such as “lose weight, avoid fast foods, eat more vegetables, drink more water,” and so […]