Savannah Valley District

Gardening Program 2023

      Felicia C. Cunningham, Senior Extension/4-H Agent                                                                      Royal Live Oaks Academy – Gardening Program 2023   (Garden Kits) School Gardening for SC Educators is a self-paced, online course developed by Clemson Extension Horticulture and 4-H Youth Development Agents. Participants will learn the basic horticulture skills to start and maintain a school garden. This […]

Farm Safety: New Years Resolutions

Marion Barnes, Senior County Extension Agent Clemson University The New Year brings with it the talk of resolutions. Resolutions, however, have a reputation for being declared and then forgotten. Why not make a promise this year involving your family and their future? Make a promise to create a safer work environment for your farming operation. […]

2023 Fruit Tree Sale – Beaufort and Jasper County

Clemson Extension 4-H

Clemson Extension Annual Tree Sale Returns BEAUFORT, South Carolina – Clemson Extension is hosting the annual fruit and ornamental tree sale.  This sale is a fundraiser to benefit Beaufort & Jasper County 4-H programs.  A wide range of bare root trees will be available for purchase.  Among some of the fruit varieties offered are blueberries, […]

Winter Management of Cattle

Nicole Correa and Hillary Pope, Area Livestock & Forages Agents Preparing your livestock for the winter months may seem less daunting here in the South, unlike some mid-western states that see a lot of snow. However, it is just as vital for us as it is for others. We would like to include a few tips […]

November To-Do-List

Laura Lee Rose, Horticulture Agent – County Coordinator   Continue with the gardening chores you didn’t finish last month. It is still an excellent time to plant woody trees and shrubs. Plant ones grown in small containers (one- or three-gallon) as they will establish as well, if not better than larger ones, at a fraction […]

Congratulations to the New Rural Health Agent

Jevencia Hill, Rural Health Agent – Colleton and Hampton Jevencia Hill completed a Bachelor of Human Services degree at the University of South Carolina. She has over ten years of public services and human services experience. Since completing her degree, Jevencia has worked in the long-term care, mental health, and human services professions. She is […]

This Month in Your Garden – October

Laura Lee Rose, Horticulture Agent – County Coordinator Spring blooming perennials and most woodies are best installed now. This allows the roots to grow and spread through the winter months. Spring and summer blooming perennials can be divided now: transplant or share the divisions. Do not fertilize lawns or shrubs in the fall. That can […]

4-H Poultry Show

Orangeburg County Fair October 8, 2022, was the perfect day for 24 youths from around the state to show how well they have worked with their 4-H chickens. At 9:30 am, the youth entered posters and coop decorations in the fun part of the show. By 10:00 am, the attitudes changed and became more serious […]

Health Rocks is a Healthy Living Program that is designed to:

Felicia C. Cunningham, 4-H Youth Development Agent Jasper County, Cathy Morgan Health Rocks Program Assistant Reduce youth smoking and tobacco use. Help youth build life skills that lead to a healthy lifestyle choice with special emphasis on youth smoking and tobacco use prevention. Help youth understand the influences and health consequences of tobacco, alcohol, and […]

Soil Moisture Sensor Placement

Becky Davis, Water Resources Agent Properly irrigating crops with the optimal amount and timing can improve crop yields without causing runoff and loss of nutrients to ground and surface waters. However, before irrigating any plant or crop, information should be gathered to determine when it is necessary. This information a.k.a. data, can come in various […]