Savannah Valley District

Midlands Field Update

Phillip Carnley – Area Horticulture Agent

“A few growers are starting to dig fresh market sweet potatoes in Orangeburg and Calhoun as the ground has dried out this week. Peanuts are still being dug. Fall squash and pumpkins are seeing downy and powdery mildew and an increase in aphids. For the first time, this season whiteflies have been an issue in fall greens specifically collards and cabbage. Pecans are looking a little worse for wear with an increased occurrence of pecan scabs, as well as the onset of black aphids, black margined aphids, and various mites. Growers here have already prepped strawberry beds and have applied their fumigants and are now waiting on their plants. Make sure to be on the lookout for cyclamen mites on any incoming plant materials. If you are unsure if you have them or not please reach out to your local agent for diagnostic help. This little pest is considerably harder to control than the two-spotted spider mite due to it being considerably smaller and also the protected areas of feeding. If present, higher carrier volumes may be needed to get adequate coverage for control.”

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