Savannah Valley District

Weekly Field Update

Phillip Carnley, Area Horticulture Agent  Onions Strawberries are looking good around the Midlands. The biggest issue I’ve seen is still Neopest and getting plants to size up. With Neopest, stay on top of a preventative spray with Thiram or Switch. If plants are still small, row covers are your friend and will help force crown […]

Keeping Wheat Crops Healthy

Hannah W. Mikell, Agronomy Agent -Clarendon and Williamsburg Counties Farmers and scouts must stay vigilant in scouting fields for potential threats and optimizing crop health as the wheat season progresses. In this article, I’ll discuss critical concerns such as insect damage, nutrient management, weed suppression, and cold damage. Hessian fly remains a persistent threat to […]

New Year, New 4-H Activities in Clarendon County

Alyssa Lynne Jones, 4-H Youth Development Agent We have had a great 2024 in Clarendon County. This year, we’ve already developed 3 WHEP teams, had a couple of livestock club meetings, a Bake-Off competition, and two new day camps are already planned. The Bake Off was successful. We had six individual competitors and two team […]

Be Well Informed

Charley Greenthaler, Area Water Resources Agent – Calhoun and Orangeburg Counties Be Well Informed Do you rely on a private well for your drinking water source? With more than 20% of South Carolinians falling into this category, these wells must be properly maintained to ensure safe drinking water.  Maintenance of the well is the responsibility […]

Dicamba Updates

Jonathan Croft, Agriculture Extension Agent – Orangeburg County The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) implemented a rule that individuals purchasing and applying restricted-use dicamba herbicide formulations participate in an approved certification-of-use program to obtain a Dicamba use license. The required training was due to the thousands of cases of dicamba herbicide injury to non-target plants across […]

Fall Updates and Plans for 2024 for Clarendon 4-H

Alyssa L. Jones, 4-H Youth Development Clarendon County Clarendon 4-H has had a fantastic Autumn, with some notable wins and successes for the youth! Fair Winners 4-H Blake Proffit won Grand Champion for Rabbit and Poultry this last week, November 4, at the Coastal Carolina Fair! He’s worked hard for this all year and previous […]

Turkey Prices Looking Better Ahead of 2023 Holidays

David Mansfield, Agribusiness Agent Wholesale prices for frozen turkeys have dropped just in time for the 2023 holiday season. In August 2023, the average price for frozen whole turkeys was $1.27 per pound, which decreased to $1.25 per pound in September, marking the lowest price since July 2021. This price decrease follows a previous rise […]

Fall and Winter Agricultural Programs

Jonathan Croft,  Orangeburg County Agriculture Extension Agent  As we get into the fall and winter, much of our crop harvest is completed, and the meeting season for Clemson Extension Agricultural Agents and Specialists begins.  Agents and specialists will cover program topics such as pesticide safety, agronomic crop production, ag economics and more.  At this time, […]

Leave the Leaves!

Janet Steele, Area Forestry & Wildlife Agent It is that time of year again – football games, trips to the mountains to pick apples and see the pretty fall colors, making plans to gather with family and friends for Thanksgiving, and the hum of leaf blowers. While the first activities on this list are a […]

Fall Crop Report

Phillip Carnley, Area Horticulture Agent Leafy greens are being harvested with great quality and quantity. There has been less feeding damage from the diamondback caterpillar and an increase in looper and yellow-striped armyworm feeding. I have also seen a little bit of cutworm damage to fields that were transplanted late. Disease pressure has been very […]