Savannah Valley District

Turkey Prices Looking Better Ahead of 2023 Holidays

David Mansfield, Agribusiness Agent

Wholesale prices for frozen turkeys have dropped just in time for the 2023 holiday season. In August 2023, the average price for frozen whole turkeys was $1.27 per pound, which decreased to $1.25 per pound in September, marking the lowest price since July 2021. This price decrease follows a previous rise due to an outbreak of avian influenza in 2022, which caused a drop in turkey production and higher prices. However, production has been recovering since April 2023, and the recent avian influenza detections in October 2023 are not expected to impact turkey availability for the upcoming holiday season significantly.

Additionally, the Agribusiness team is hosting events and workshops throughout the holiday season. To learn more about these upcoming events, see the link below.

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