Savannah Valley District

4-H Junior Master Gardener

Meghan Barkley, 4-H Extension Agent

Beaufort County 4-H is working with Coosa Elementary to pilot a Junior Master Gardener program with the 4th-grade class. Laura Lee Rose and the Master Gardener Volunteers provide teaching and support to the budding gardeners. Soils & water, plant growth & development, ecology, and healthy lifestyles are among the session topics. Coosa is doing an excellent job with their garden, despite challenges with the local wildlife. The wildlife seems to enjoy the crop as much as the children.

Thirty-five staff and teachers from Coosa were trained in 2021 through The Clemson Extension School & Community Gardening program. This program provided research-based horticulture training to the team. While the JMG sessions are only once a month, students receive regular hands-on exposure to the art of gardening in between sessions. The JMG program launched in September 2021, and the Junior Master Gardeners will graduate in May of this year.

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