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What is Rural Health at Clemson Extension?

Michelle Altman Rural Health Agent – Hampton County

At Clemson Cooperative Extension the Vision is: Clemson Extension will be the trusted source of unbiased, research-based information relating to agriculture, community, environment, food, health, and youth in South Carolina.

The Rural Health Extension Program Team of Clemson Cooperative Extension offers scientifically supported initiatives and programs to help all South Carolinians prevent and self-manage chronic disease. We do this through community partnerships, group, and individual education sessions, and a library of written resources on topics from healthy eating to stress relief (for written information and factsheets, visit HGIC). Clemson Rural Health agents usually live in the communities they serve. A variety of High Blood Pressure and Diabetes management programs are offered in-person and virtually. Programs are free. For more information, please visit: website

Clemson Rural Health Facebook page for health information website

Source: Clemson Extension Rural Health
Source: Clemson Extension Rural Health

Clemson University Cooperative Extension Service offers its programs to people of all ages, regardless of race, color, gender, religion, national origin, disability, political beliefs, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital or family status and is an equal opportunity employer.



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