Savannah Valley District

Winter is Coming! Insulate Your Water Pipes!

Becky Davis, Savannah Valley Water Resources Agent Despite the recent unseasonal warm weather, it will get colder! Although only the most northern counties of South Carolina have monthly average temperatures below freezing. It only takes a few hours of temperatures below 25 degrees to cause pipes to freeze! So, now is the time to prepare! […]

Cotton Diseases & Fungicide Trial

Rogan Gibson, Dr. John Mueller, Joe Varn, & Charles Davis During the 2023 growing season, three cotton fungicide trials throughout the Savannah Valley have been monitored weekly since early July 2023. One trial is at the Edisto Research and Education Center, while the other two are on-farm demonstrations in Allendale and Calhoun Counties. Two significant […]

Proper Hay Sampling Techniques

Written by Livestock and Forages Agents – Nicole Correa, Sallie Thompson, Marion Barnes, Travis Mitchell and Hillary Pope With the fall weather starting to peek through, it is essential to start considering making hay purchases for the winter season. With all the options available, how does one choose? There are multiple grass and legume options, […]

Native Plant Festival Held on May 27, 2023

Christopher Burtt, Urban Horticulture Agent Native Fruits was the subject of a Native Plant Festival held on May 27, 2023. Elderberry (Sambucus canadensis)-  Fruit can usually be harvested in Summer and Fall Woody, deciduous shrub or small tree, 5 to 12 feet tall in the Adoxaceae or Muskroot family Cooked berries are edible and can be […]

Barnwell 4-H’ers Compete in Poultry Showmanship at the Fairs

Shannon Herndon, Bamberg & Barnwell County 4-H Youth Development Agent Barnwell County 4-H’ers show off their hard work raising and caring for their poultry flock through the 4-H Poultry Project at the 4-H Poultry Shows at the 2023 Orangeburg County Fair and South Carolina State Fair. Brynlee Kanagy placed 2nd in Junior Class and 5th Overall […]

Bamberg 4-H’ers Win Ribbons in Livestock Shows at the Fairs

Shannon Herndon, Bamberg & Barnwell County 4-H Youth Development Agent Bamberg County 4-H was represented at the Orangeburg County Fair and South Carolina State Fair Livestock Shows. Alayna Weilnau, a Senior 4-H’er member, won Grand Champion Showman in the 4-H Rabbit Show at the Orangeburg County Fair. Breanna Carroll won First Place Junior Showman. Lawson Weilnau […]

Falling Into Healthier Drinking Habits

Akendra Jackson, EFNEP Nutrition Educator Water is important in our daily routine, and we must work hard to develop better habits. A large percentage of our bodies are made up of water; as we lose water, we must replenish it. Drinking enough water daily is essential for maintaining a healthy weight, flushing toxins, regulating body temperature, […]

Yams vs Sweet Potatoes


Christine Patrick, Senior County EFNEP Agent The New World gave Europeans more than a way to expand geographically. It gave them new foods to expand their culinary horizons. Take batatas, for example. That’s the New World name for sweet potatoes. No, not yams. Sweet potatoes and yams are two different things. Those canned “yams” at […]

Fall- The Peak Season for America’s Apple Lovers

Christine Patrick, Senior County EFNEP Agent Fall is the highlight of the year for America’s apple lovers. That’s when domestic production peaks and apples are at their best.   This means extra flavor for fresh snacking, pies, or applesauce. For a light dessert, raw apples combine well with cheddar cheese.   For a kid-pleaser, pair apple slices […]

Keep it Safe When Brown-Bagging

CHRISTINE PATRICK, SENIOR COUNTY EFNEP AGENT Whether it’s students taking lunch to school or adults packing lunch for work, millions of people across the country pack a bag of lunch each day.  Bag lunches should be handled with care to make sure the meal inside remains tasty and safe to eat. Follow these safety tips […]