Savannah Valley District

4-H Embryology Teaches Life Lessons

SHANNON HERNDON, 4-H YOUTH DEVELOPMENT AGENT 4-H Embryology to Educate Project was in classrooms in Bamberg & Barnwell County Schools during the month of March. Schools set up incubators with fertilized chicken eggs for 21 days. Students monitored temperature and humidity and recorded daily development. 54 chicks out of 8 incubators went to their new […]

Barnwell Middle School Wins First Place in Coastal Carolina Fair 4-H School Garden Project

Shannon Herndon, 4-H Youth Development Agent Guinyard Butler Middle School students in Mrs. Joyce Kinard and Mrs. Amber Still’s class created a diorama of their school garden, complete with a greenhouse, container gardens, raised bed gardens, and sensory wall. They won first place in the Coastal Carolina Fair 4-H School Garden Project Contest for Middle […]

Bamberg 4-H’ers Attend 4-H Junior Weekend at Camp Long

Shannon Herndon, 4-H Youth Development Agent Bamberg 4-H’ers Hampton Jowers, Jules Hurst, and Thomas Hay were among the 80-youth, including 4-H Teen Leaders, who spent a weekend at 4-H Camp Long in Aiken February 9-11 for a wild west adventure. State 4-H Teen Council members planned and implemented “In Addition to Tradition” themed workshops and […]

Spring Start-Up: Check the Pivot!

Becky Davis, Savannah Valley Water Resources Agent As plans for the upcoming growing season move into equipment maintenance, be sure to include the irrigation systems! The first step is to assess the electrical safety. Before touching any part of the system or even limbs that have fallen on the structure, be sure that it has […]

Meet Our New Horticulture Agent!

Anna Sara Hill, Horticulture Extension Agent We are excited to announce Anna Sara Hill as our new Clemson Extension Commercial Horticulture Extension Agent housed in Barnwell County. She grew up on and around the Edisto Research and Education Center, where her father was resident director for many years. Her grandfather was also a long-time County […]

Meet Our New Rural Health & Nutrition Agent!

Roxane Cummings, Rural Health & Nutrition Agent Roxane Cummings recently joined the Rural Health and Nutrition team as the Rural Health Agent for Orangeburg and Bamberg Counties. She is lifelong resident of Cope, a small rural town in Orangeburg County.  After high school, she received her undergraduate degree in English from Southern Methodist College. She […]

Preserving Foods for Later Use

Gayle Williford, Food Systems & Safety Agent, Berkeley County The goal of preserving should be to keep food safe while retaining nutrition and quality. There are numerous methods available to complete this task. A good preservation method must: 1) Keep the food acceptable, 1) safe, and 3) retain nutrition. Dehydrating or drying has been around […]

2024 Regional Corn & Soybean Meeting

Joe Varn & Rogan Gibson, Extension Agronomy Agents On February 8, 2024, Clemson Extension Agents Rogan Gibson, Joe Varn, and Marion Barnes hosted the corn and soybean production meeting in the Allendale County Extension Office. Seventy-five farmers and industry personnel from across the Savannah Valley gathered in the room to learn more about corn and […]

Silvopasture Systems Provide Many Benefits to Landowners

Janet Steele, Area Forestry & Wildlife Agent Diversifying land use is an area of growing interest among South Carolina landowners. Increasing focus on using forested acreage to its fullest potential has some landowners and land managers wanting to blend livestock management with timber management by implementing silvopasture. Silvopasture is not turning livestock loose in the […]

Winter is Coming! Insulate Your Water Pipes!

Becky Davis, Savannah Valley Water Resources Agent Despite the recent unseasonal warm weather, it will get colder! Although only the most northern counties of South Carolina have monthly average temperatures below freezing. It only takes a few hours of temperatures below 25 degrees to cause pipes to freeze! So, now is the time to prepare! […]