Clemson Agricultural Safety

Safety Information – September 2021

Hayride Safety

  • Always ensure young children are with an adult.
  • Do not stand or walk around while actively on a hayride.
  • Keep all arms and legs inside the wagon while it is moving.
  • Do not have passengers on the tractor pulling the wagon.
  • Never unload or load onto a hayride while the tractor is still in motion.
  • If an accident occurs, remember to alter the person operating the tractor.

In the picture above, try and find as many things that would be considered not safe.

How many did you find?

A significant issue present in the image above is the passenger that is on the tractor. Operating a tractor with a passenger that does not have a buddy seat could result in server injury. The passenger could fall off of the moving tractor or cause a rollover to occur. Always remember that unless your tractor is designed for passengers, two is a crowd.

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