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Ag Injury News Report – January 2022

Ag Injury News Report

12/23/2021: ‘Suspicious death’ at ranch near Idyllwild where woman went missing in 2020

12/20/2021: Man killed after being thrown, run over by skid loader

12/15/2021: 2 dead in Kansas wildfires fueled by windy, dry weather

12/14/2021: South Georgia man, 91, found dead under his tractor

12/13/2021: Serious accident in the heart of Acadia / Grave accident au coeur de L’Acadie

12/12/2021: Man seriously injured after falling off horse-drawn carriage at Tewksbury farm

12/10/2021: Tornadoes killed her grandparents. Eight strangers helped her save their photos.

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