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Tractor Safety and Rural Roadway Safety

Tractor Safety and Rural Roadway Safety

While on rural roads, many people may encounter farm vehicles. Many incidents reported throughout the United States involve a tractor or farm vehicle and a passenger vehicle. It is essential to always remain aware of your surroundings, whether operating a tractor or passenger vehicle.

Tips for the farmer

  • Keep all slow moving vehicle signs on the tractor and clean. These signs help signify to other roadway users that the vehicle is operating below the speed limit.
  • Ensure that all flashing lights work properly so as to remain seen by others.
  • If possible, travel roadways during light traffic. This limits the number of passenger vehicles that you will come in contact with.
  • Always remain observant and aware of those that are around you.

Tips for the general public

  • Slow down as soon as you see a farm vehicle or tractor. These vehicles are moving at a slower rate of speed than the average roadway vehicle.
  • Never follow too close to a farm vehicle. Some farm vehicles might not be able to stop as quickly as a passenger vehicle.
  • Be understanding of the time of year. During harvest or planting times, there will be a larger number of farm vehicles on roadways.

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