Ag Injury News Report – July 2021

Ag Injury News Report 06/05/2021: Man dies in Wayne County crash between vehicle, horse-drawn equipment 06/02/2021: Boy, 4, dead after accident in southwestern Manitoba: RCMP 05/31/2021: Elderly man killed in Farm vehicle crash 05/30/2021: Man dies in Richardsville-area ATV accident 05/30/2021: Early morning shooting at dairy leaves man injured 05/29/2021: Motorcyclist dies after crash with […]

Ag Injury News Report – June 2021

Ag Injury News Report 5/06/2021: Fieldworker killed in Kings County after being thrown out of truck, trapped under big rig 5/06/2021: 28-year-old Saginaw man killed in car accident involving a farm tractor 5/05/2021: Two-year-old seriously injured in tractor accident 5/01/2021: SHERIFF: Tractor accident led to shed fire that killed Seward man 5/01/2021: Man injured in tractor accident […]

Ag Injury News Report – February 2020

AG INJURY NEWS 12/11/2019: Saginaw County farmer run over and killed by tractor 12/14/2019: Hardwick man dies in tractor accident 12/15/2019: Alto man fractures both hips in tractor accident 01/02/2020: Florida driver dies in accident with farm tractor Source:

Ag Injury News Report – March 2020

AG INJURY NEWS 01/19/2020: Nine year old dies in skid steer accident 01/21/2020: Injuries following incident of skid loader driven by ten year old 01/28/2020: Man dies after becoming entrapped in corn silo 02/01/2020: Seventy-four year old male fatally injured in tractor turn-over 02/02/2020: Second grader severely injured after being run over by tractor 02/04/2020: […]

Ag Injury News Report – May 2020

AG INJURY NEWS 03/27/2020: Woman dies in overturned tractor accident 03/27/2020: Young boy dies in four-wheeler accident 04/03/2020: North Carolina man fatally injured operating tractor on public roadway 04/03/2020: Minnesota man fatally injured by cow 04/06/2020: Four year old injured by calf 04/06/2020: Alabama fatality in tractor rollover incident Source:

Ag Injury News Report – June 2020

AG INJURY NEWS 05/01/2020: Man drowns removing pond debris 05/05/2020: Edgefield man fatally injured by tractor 05/05/2020: Missouri man dies from grain bin entrapment 05/07/2020: Illinois man fatally injured by grain engulfment 05/12/2020: Young male pinned by overturned tractor 05/13/2020: Florida fatality in tractor accident Source:

Ag Injury News Report – July 2020

AG INJURY NEWS 06/02/2020: Orangeburg County man dies after vehicle strikes tractor 06/05/2020: Wisconsin man dies attempting to pass tractor on roadway 06/08/2020: Missouri man dies from heat exhaustion complications 06/10/2020: North Dakota woman dies in grain engulfment incident 06/17/2020: Young boy injured from tractor accident 06/20/2020: North Carolina crop duster dies after striking dove […]

Ag Injury News Report – August 2020

AG INJURY NEWS 07/03/2020: 11-year-old killed in tractor accident 07/05/2020: One fatally injured in tractor accident 07/05/2020: Florida man dies in tractor incident 07/05/2020: Minnesota man dies in tractor rollover 07/09/2020: Man non-fatally injured after falling into empty grain bin Source:

Ag Injury News Report – September 2020

AG INJURY NEWS 07/27/2020: 21-year-old fatally injured after tractor was struck by train 07/30/2020: Farmer non-fatally injured after dump truck strikes tractor on roadway 08/01/2020: Colorado man airlifted after tractor rollover incident 08/02/2020: Pennsylvania man non-fatally injured in tractor rollover incident 08/02/2020: Oregon man fatally injured attempting to pass tractor on roadway 08/03/2020: Nebraska man […]

Ag Injury News Report – October 2020

AG INJURY NEWS 08/15/2020: Minnesota woman loses arm in tractor rollover accident 08/15/2020: Michigan man fatally injured in tractor rollover accident 08/15/2020: Oklahoma boy killed in tractor accident 08/16/2020: Washington man fatally injured while working on irrigation system 08/18/2020: Crop duster pilot injured after hitting powerlines 08/30/2020: Wisconsin girl non-fatally injured after being run over […]