Ag Injury News Report – November 2020

AG INJURY NEWS 09/02/2020: Minnesota man rescued from grain bin 09/02/2020: Barnwell man killed in ATV accident 09/03/2020: Effingham man killed in workplace accident 09/04/2020: Minnesota man seriously injured by auger 09/04/2020: Ohio tractor rollover injures three 09/22/2020: North Carolina man non-fatally injured in tractor accident 09/23/2020: Minnesota man fatally injured by corn picker Source: […]

Ag Injury News Report – December 2020

AG INJURY NEWS 10/07/2020: Wisconsin dairy farmer fatally injured in combine accident 10/10/2020: Georgia man dies after striking tractor on roadway 10/18/2020: Michigan man fatally injured unloading material 10/26/2020: Michigan man non-fatally injured fueling tractor 11/03/2020: Thirteen year old fatally injured by cultivator 11/10/2020: California woman crushed by hay bales 11/19/2020: Simpsonville woman fatally injured […]

Ag Injury News Report – January 2021

AG INJURY NEWS 12/03/2020: Missouri man struck by train while operating tractor 12/03/2020: One injured attempting to pass tractor on roadway 12/08/2020: Minnesota man fatally injured falling into manure pit 12/09/2020: Nebraska man crushed by hay bales 12/10/2020: Missouri man injured while operating tractor on roadway 12/15/2020: Iowa man killed in farming accident Source:

Ag Injury News Report – April 2021

AG INJURY NEWS 3/14/2021: Father says he just hopes his son walks again after a freak farm accident in Valley City 3/14/2021: Man, 57, dies after being pinned between machine and round bale 3/13/2021: Community raises $100K+ for Greene, New York man following farm accident 3/13/2021: Man seriously injured in tractor accident 3/12/2021: Man dies after receiving severe burns from brush […]

Ag Injury News Report – May 2021

AG INJURY NEWS 4/21/2021: Sheriff: Woman entangled in farm equipment dragged through field 4/21/2021: Wilkesboro man dies when pickup collides with plow attached to farm tractor on roadway 4/21/2021: Teenager injured in farm accident near Tolstoi 4/21/2021: Woman injured after car collides with tractor in Jackson Co. 4/19/2021: Toddler dies in incident 4/16/2021: New Castle woman dies in grain bin accident 4/15/2021: Man […]