Clemson Agricultural Safety

Animal Safety Quiz

Questions 1. True or False: mothers may become aggressive while protecting their young. 2. Never approach an animal in its _____________. 3. When working in close quarters with livestock, you should always do what? 4. True or False: spooked animals pose no more threat than calm animals. 5. How should work areas be kept when […]

Safety Information – October 2022

Animal Safety Many people do not consider livestock a threat; however, every year, many people are injured or killed by livestock. It is important to always respect the livestock and to understand they can pose many threats to humans. Safety Reminders for Handling Livestock Keep work areas clean not only for yourself but also for […]

Ag Injury News Report – October 2022

Ag Injury News Report 9/21/2022: Father and his two sons dead after being trapped in silo on Penns Valley farm 9/12/2022: Ten Injured in S.D. Dairy Barn Construction 9/8/2022: Two hospitalized at UIHC after Washington County tractor accident 9/8/2022: Updated: victims of fatal crash identified 9/6/2022: Man dead following tractor-train crash near Litchfield 8/31/2022: Crawford […]