Savannah Valley District

4H2O Day Camp

Glenna Mason, 4-H Youth Development – Orangeburg and Calhoun County Awareness of conservation when kids are young will lead them to be proactive adults concerned about the welfare of their environment and the world they live in. It will be the next generation’s responsibility to make choices regarding the resources available to them in the future. […]

Dicamba Certification Programs

Jonathan K. Croft, Agriculture Extension Agent – Orangeburg County The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) implemented a rule that individuals purchasing and applying restricted use dicamba herbicide formulations participate in an approved certification-of-use program to obtain a Dicamba use license. The required training was due to the thousands of cases of dicamba herbicide injury to non-target […]

Emerging Opportunities in Ecosystem Services Markets for Timberland Owners and Managers

Janet W. Steele, Area Forestry and Wildlife Agent Ecosystem services, or the additional benefits provided to humans by forests other than manufactured products, include clean air and water, carbon sequestration, and intangible benefits such as natural beauty. Recent opportunities have become available or are being developed in South Carolina to generate income for timberland owners […]

Chainsaw Use Considerations Among South Carolina’s Female Forest Landowners and Managers

Janet W. Steele, Area Extension Agent – Forestry and Wildlife Female forest landowners are gradually increasing across the southeast as lands transition from one generation to the next or from husband to wife. As more female landowners become involved in the day-to-day operations of their property, the need for practical training on equipment such as […]

Homemaker’s Column: Are You A Breakfast Skipper?

Christine Patrick, County Extension Agent- EFNEP Although breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it is often missed. Skipping breakfast causes irritability, sluggishness, slow thinking, and inefficiency by mid-morning. For quick energy, you may crave snacks like candy or a cookie. Usually, the nutrients missed by skipping breakfast aren’t “made up” at other […]

SC Corn and Soybean Grower

Jonathan K. Croft, Agriculture Extension Agent During the 2021 growing season, South Carolina farmers reported planting 390,000 acres of soybeans and 420,000 acres of corn.  To bring research results and production information to SC farmers for the 2022 crop year, Clemson Extension partnered with the SC Soybean Board to host the SC Corn and Soybean […]

South Carolina Growers

Extension Agents Rob Last and Bruce Mclean Agricultural exploits continue in Orangeburg and Calhoun counties with the advent of the New Year. Recently, in Orangeburg, Extension Agents Rob Last, Bruce Mclean, I held a hands-on field day for muscadine pruning and fertility management. We were fortunate to have the local and technical college participate and […]

South Carolina Ag Book of the Month Program

Glenna Mason, 4-H Youth Development Agent Orangeburg and Calhoun County 4-H presents agriculture books and activities to kindergarten students at St. Matthews Elementary. The Book of the Month program is a literacy outreach program sponsored by Ag in the Classroom and the SC Farm Bureau Women’s Leadership Committee. Monthly books were purchased and a lesson […]

Soil Sampling: When, How, and Why

Rob Last Area Horticulture Agent.  When? Whether you are a homeowner or commercial farmer, winter is a great time to take soil samples. When the lab reports the results, winter allows applications such as lime to adjust soil pH in plenty of time for the spring growing season. How? Step one: Decide on the number […]

Gluten Labeling

Christine Patrick, County Extension Agent Gluten has taken a big fall in the food and nutrient world in recent years. Some of the reasons for gluten aversion include celiac disease, gluten intolerance, and weight control. If you avoid gluten, the following labeling guidelines will help you make science-based choices when choosing gluten-free foods. What is […]