Savannah Valley District

Colleton County Office Holds Annual Advisory Committee Meeting

Dawn Stuckey, 4-H Youth Development Agent – Colleton and Hampton Counties

Colleton County Extension held its annual Advisory Committee meeting on February 15, 2024. Agents shared programmatic updates and plans with the committee based on the suggestions shared during past advisory sessions. New agents Jackie Gallagher, Rural Health Agent, and Amanda Taylor, Forestry and Natural Resources Agent, provided information regarding programs in the area. Veteran agents and Administrative Assistant Brandi Murdaugh provided numeric data on the agents’ total reach in Colleton County. Setting a goal of increasing awareness of Extension programs, the office reported an increase in soil samples from 426 in 2022 to 626 in 2023. As of January 2024, we have accepted 167 soil samples, a positive indicator of continued increase. Colleton staff also recognized increased program requests and information assistance across program areas. Jessica Grubb, our new part-time administrative assistant, was also recognized as an additional contact for agents and the community.

After agent presentations, a roundtable discussion of extension operations and programs that would benefit Colleton County ensued. The information provided in Advisory Committee meetings is considered when developing new or improving programs for the following year. However, you do not have to have a seat at the meeting to provide your feedback to help improve our services. Anyone wishing to share helpful information for programmatic opportunities can complete the online needs assessment by visiting

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