Savannah Valley District

Health Rocks is a Healthy Living Program that is designed to:

Health Rock is a healthy living program

Felicia C. Cunningham, 4-H Youth Development Agent Jasper County, Cathy Morgan Health Rocks Program Assistant

  • Reduce youth smoking and tobacco use.
  • Help youth build life skills that lead to a healthy lifestyle choice with special emphasis on youth smoking and tobacco use prevention.
  • Help youth understand the influences and health consequences of tobacco, alcohol, and drug use to make healthy choices.
  • Engage youth and adults in partnerships to develop and implement community strategies that promote healthy lifestyle choices.

The Health Rocks program is implemented at various locations (schools, organizations, and community centers) in Jasper County.  Youth are involved in interactive, hands-on activities and scenarios focusing on three general areas:  All About Me, What Influences Me and Taking it Beyond Me.  The participation rate has increased over the last two months.  Ms. Cathy Morgan reaches over 125 youths every month. “Join 4-H Today” at

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