Savannah Valley District

Rainwater Harvesting for Homeowners

Samantha Porzelt and Beatriss Calhoun – Water Resources Extension Agents

On June 3rd, the Ashley Cooper Stormwater Education Consortium (ACSEC) held the annual rain barrel sale at Gahagan Park in Dorchester County. Members of the Charleston Tri-County area had the opportunity to pre-order 50-gallon rain barrels from Ivy Rain Water Solutions. Rainwater Harvesting is a tool that can manage stormwater in residential and commercial settings. This concept relies on rain barrels and cisterns to capture rainwater for reuse in the landscaping. To learn more about rainwater harvesting, check out our Rainwater Harvesting Manual.

Flood 411 Webinar Series – This series helps residents better understand the different causes of flooding, the roles various agencies play in flood response and recovery, ways to protect personal and community property, and examples of successful flood management in the state. Different experts were present during four 90-minute webinars. For registration and more information, visit

Water Chats Webinar Series – Water Chats is a technical training program designed to facilitate access to and use of new and emerging water quality research to inform natural resource management decisions in South Carolina. For more information on topics and to register, visit

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