Clemson Agricultural Safety

Safety Information – May 2022

Disaster Clean-Up Safety

General Safety Tips

  • Use teams/other people to move heavy or bulky objects
  • Pace yourself, often times clean-up jobs can be rather large
  • Take precautions when operating a chainsaw
  • Stay safe in hot weather, drink plenty of water

Potential Hazards

  • Stay away from damaged buildings or structures until they are deemed safe for entry.
  • Wait until daylight to enter any building or structure.
  • If you smell gas or suspect a leak, leave the structure immediately and call the local authorities.
  • Never touch a fallen power line. Call the power company to report fallen power lines.
  • Avoid contact with overhead power lines during cleanup and other activities.
  • Do not drive through standing water if downed power lines are in the water.
  • If a power line falls across your car while you are driving, stay inside the vehicle and continue to drive away from the line. If the engine stalls, do not turn off the ignition. Warn people not to touch the car or the line. Call or ask someone to call the local utility company and emergency services.

Information courtesy of the CDC

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