Savannah Valley District

Soil Moisture Sensor Placement

Becky Davis, Water Resources Agent Properly irrigating crops with the optimal amount and timing can improve crop yields without causing runoff and loss of nutrients to ground and surface waters. However, before irrigating any plant or crop, information should be gathered to determine when it is necessary. This information a.k.a. data, can come in various […]

4-H Is Growing Again!

Glenna Mason 4-H Youth Development, Orangeburg and Calhoun County Since March 2020, when the world shut down, 4-H enrollment has faced a decline.  Many programs were conducted virtually during the pandemic, but enrollment numbers declined. State Enrollment Data: (Approximately) 2018-2019            over 60,500 members 2019-2020            down to 40,500 2020-2021            down further to 40, 200 2021-2022            Currently […]

Food Safety for College Students

Christine Patrick, Clemson Extension Health & Nutrition Educator Agent Is it safe to eat pizza that was left out overnight? Will I get sick if I eat a hamburger that is still pink inside? College students living away from home for the first time may be looking for answers to such questions that will not appear […]

The South Carolina Home-Based Food Production Law

Samantha Houston-Food System and Safety Agent The South Carolina Home-Based Food Production Law, more commonly known as the Cottage Food Law, allows our state residents to manufacture food items that are considered safe in their home kitchens for sale directly to consumers. This law was amended as of May 2022, providing exciting news for our […]

Livestock Meeting August 18, 2022

Nicole Correa- Area Livestock and Forage Midlands Agent The end of hay season brings us to show season here in SC! A few livestock shows are coming up shortly, but I would like to highlight the Orangeburg County Fair Livestock Show and the shows at the State Fair in Columbia. Several Calhoun and Orangeburg participants […]

Forestry and Natural Resources Team Offers New Training Program for Owners of Small Woodlots

Janet Watt Steele- Area Forestry Agent   A new program entitled Woods In Your Backyard (WIYB) will now be offered to forest landowners in South Carolina by the Clemson Extension Forestry and Natural Resources (FNR) team.  The state has 12.9 million acres of forestland, and 87% of South Carolina’s forests are privately owned. Family-owned forests […]

Asian Soybean Rust (ASR)

Jonathan K. Croft and Joe Varn, Agriculture Extension Agents Asian soybean rust (ASR) is a disease that affects soybeans and can significantly reduce soybean yields if left untreated. ASR first entered the United States in 2004 and has migrated out of overwintering sites to infect soybeans in South Carolina each year since it first arrived […]

Hazards at Harvest Time: Safety Tips for Farmers

Marion Barnes, Senior County Extension Agent Long hours, changing weather conditions, large machinery, and the urgency to get the crop in make fall harvest an especially hazardous time for farmers. Stress and human error can lead to farm injuries and fatalities while gathering crops. Remember that YOU are your most valuable tool on the farm, […]

Fall Cover Crops

Rob Last, Horticulture Extension Agent October can be a fantastic time to establish cover crops regardless of whether you are a home gardener or a commercial grower. Cover crops have several benefits to the soil through raising the organic matter. Granted, raising organic matter can take time to achieve. The use of cover crops can […]

The Dangers of Working Alone on the Farm

Marion Barnes, Senior County Extension Agent The isolated nature of farming, which appeals to many, means that farmers are often working alone in remote locations. There are numerous hazards when working on the farm and they vary depending on the commodity. Some common dangers include tractors, implements, and other equipment, using hazardous chemicals, grain harvest […]