Savannah Valley District

4-H Springs Into 2023

Molly Jones, 4-H Dorchester County 

Spring is in the air in Dorchester County, SC. 4-H independent projects are opening for registration throughout the county and state. There are many project opportunities available for youth to learn new skills or advance their skills from the previous 4-H year. County projects are available to children within Dorchester and adjoining counties.

The following projects are being offered as county 4-H projects this spring and summer.

The 4-H Tomato Project provides youth with tomato transplants, information on how to take care of them, and a project workbook to take home. Tomatoes can be planted in the ground or in containers. You will have several months to care for your plants and document your project experience and in July we will have a contest to see who grew the best-looking and best-tasting tomatoes! This project is open to ages 5-18.  Register at the following link. 

The Colleton, Dorchester, & Hampton 4-H Dairy Goat Project is here! Youth who participate in this project will develop essential dairy goat skills such as demonstrating proper goat management and health practices, developing goat fitting, and showing skills, selecting a goat that will meet their needs, promoting goat products and the goat industry, and comprehending national and international goat-related issues. Youth will also practice the skills of record keeping, decision making, leadership, communication, planning and organizing, and more. Register at the following link.

State 4-H projects are offered to participants throughout the state and open the opportunity to interact with 4-H’ers with similar interests. State-level projects are eligible for county, regional, and state 4-H prizes.

The 2023 SC 4-H Rabbit Project is an independent project open to 4-H members ages 5-18. It is the responsibility of the youth and his/her family to secure a rabbit for the project. It does not matter what breed or gender of rabbit you select. Participants will learn how to properly care for, groom, breed, show, and maintain healthy rabbits. For additional information and to register, visit.

The 2023 4-H Poultry Projects are open for registration. The 4-H Pullet Chain (where participants get day-old chicks) teaches participants how to properly care for, raise, and show poultry. Registration will remain open until Wednesday, March 1, at 12:00 PM. The Laying Flock Project registration period will end on April 25th. Additional information on both projects can be found at the following links. Link to Pullet Chain registrationLink to Laying Flock registration.

The South Carolina 4-H Small Garden Project runs from April through July 2023. It is a hands-on environmental education program and an independent-study project that allows youth (ages 5-18) an opportunity to establish, maintain, and harvest a small garden. Youth will be supplied with a few seed packets and access to an online record book to get them started. Youth will be responsible for managing a small garden (50 sq ft.) and keeping records throughout the project season. Record books have been specifically designed for each age division. Register at the following link. 

4-H independent projects are a fantastic way for youth to learn, lead, and develop responsibility. Youth must be registered with South Carolina 4-H to participate in independent projects. South Carolina 4-H membership is $15. To register for 4-H in your county visit For additional information on membership and independent projects email Molly Jones at  

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