Savannah Valley District

4H2O Day Camp

Glenna Mason, 4-H Youth Development – Orangeburg and Calhoun County

Awareness of conservation when kids are young will lead them to be proactive adults concerned about the welfare of their environment and the world they live in. It will be the next generation’s responsibility to make choices regarding the resources available to them in the future.

Orangeburg County conducted a 4H2O Day Camp June 13-17th. The camp was held each day from 8:30 am-Noon at the Santee State Park. Youth explored water resources, water quality, forestry, and wildlife. Youth explored the park and visited the Sink Hole walking trail. The last day ended with a tour of Lake Marion on a pontoon boat and water testing using a Secchi disk.

A total of thirteen youth attended the camp. Their ages ranged from 8-14 years of age. A team of presenters included; Carl Bussels, a biologist from Santee Cooper. Janet Steele, Extension Forestry Agent. Diane Curlee, Orangeburg Soil and Water educator. Charly Greenthaler, Extension Water Resource Agent, and Molly Jones, 4-H Agent in Dorchester County.

Participants reported increased knowledge about Lake Marion’s groundwater, aquifer, wildlife, and invasive species. They also increase their knowledge in identifying trees, what trees need to grow, and the importance of keeping water clean. One participant wrote on his evaluation, “I loved every minute of it.”

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