Savannah Valley District

Hampton County 4-H Award Winners

Luke Smith

Dawn Stuckey, Hampton 4-H Agent Luke Smith participated in the 4-H Presentation Contest this year. He won the Junior Regional contest and advanced to the State Junior Competition held at Camp Long during Jr. Weekend. Luke placed first in his category, Agriculture and Natural Resources.             Grayson Bullard won the […]

Catching up with the Clover! Colleton County

Dawn Stuckey, Colleton County 4-H Agent Colleton County 4-H has been busy making the best in Colleton County better. From 4-H Club meetings in the Extension Office to community programs and service projects, Colleton County 4-H is making a difference in the lives of our citizens and animals. Colleton 4-H Club completed its service project […]

Farm Safety & Health: May is Mental Health Awareness Month

Marion Barnes, Senior County Extension Agent May is Mental Health Month, which can be a difficult subject to talk about with agricultural community members. Farmers carry heavy loads that can become whelming at times. Being a farmer in today’s world means wearing many, many hats. They have to be meteorologists, accountants, business managers, mechanics, soil […]

Around the Countryside: Eastern Tent Caterpillars Invade the County

Tent Caterpillar Nest

Marion Barnes, Senior County Extension Agent Spring has definitely arrived in the low country. Home gardeners are working in their gardens; azaleas and dogwoods have been blooming for several weeks. Tent caterpillars are making their appearance on the foliage of our trees and shrubs. The eastern tent caterpillar, Malacosoma americanum is a native pest of […]

Beaver Control and Management

Parker Johnson, Forestry and Wildlife Agent The North American Beaver is present in all 46 counties of South Carolina. If you want to control and manage beavers on your property, there are several lethal and non-lethal options to implement in your management strategy. Depending on the situation, trapping or shooting beavers is often the most […]

It’s Time for More Strategic Alliances

Steve Richards, Clemson Agribusiness Team Economic and regulatory demands on a farm continue to increase, yet there are still only 24 hours in a day. How can an individual farmer keep up with all the demands on their time and money? In the past, one solution to this problem was the farmer-owned cooperative. Farmers banded together […]

Rainwater Harvesting

Rain Barrell Drawing

Ellen Comeau In the United States, rainwater harvesting is becoming more popular in residential yards due to the many benefits. It can protect our waterways by reducing the amount of stormwater runoff, the strain on local aquifers, and flooding risk. The practice can also help homeowners reduce their water bills, prevent erosion and moisture control […]

Dorchester 4-H Clover Coverage

Molly Jones, Dorchester County 4-H Agent Dorchester county 4-H is flourishing! The holiday season was jam-packed with fun activities for 4-H club members and youth within the community. During the month of December, Dorchester County 4-H offered its first paint night at the Clemson Extension office in Saint George. Youth ages 8-18 were invited to […]

Clarendon County 4-H Excel at Multiple Livestock Fairs

Clarendon County Rabbit Showmanship Participants

Clarendon County 4-H Update 4-H participants care for and work with their animals to train them for showmanship contests. The judges consider how they conduct themselves while showing their animal, their knowledge of their animal, and how well they control their animal during the show. The animal must be healthy to participate in the show, […]

Soil Sampling: When, How, and Why

Rob Last Area Horticulture Agent.  When? Whether you are a homeowner or commercial farmer, winter is a great time to take soil samples. When the lab reports the results, winter allows applications such as lime to adjust soil pH in plenty of time for the spring growing season. How? Step one: Decide on the number […]