Savannah Valley District

“Choose Health: Food, Fun, and Fitness” and “Teen Cuisine” Programs

Patti Chapman, Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP)

Nutrition Educator, Patti Chapman, finished out the school year by bringing the “Choose Health:  Food, Fun, and Fitness” program and the “Teen Cuisine” program to Beaufort County students.

Students pictured on the left are measuring how many teaspoons of fat are in different fast-food items.  During this lesson, “Healthier Foods – Fast!” from the “Choose Health:  Food, Fun, and Fitness” program, students learn to choose lower-fat items from menus; choose smaller sizes or share orders; include salads or fruits; get water instead of sodas; and try making quick, healthy recipes at home instead.  Students pictured on the right are cutting apples for the “Fruit with Yogurt Orange Dip” recipe.  During this lesson, “Eat Smart!” from the “Teen Cuisine” program, students learn about MyPlate; the importance of handwashing; basic food preparation skills (including knife safety and how to measure properly); and the benefits of adequate physical activity.   

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