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FoodShare SC

Michelle Altman, Rural Health Extension Agent – Hampton County

FoodShare SC is an organization based out of Columbia, South Carolina. FoodShare SC’s vision is to ensure access to fresh produce for all in our communities. FoodShare SC’s goal is to enhance the quality of life by creating access to fresh, affordable food. FoodShare SC partners with reputable organizations in communities to expand the reach of the program. In the Savannah Valley region, Huspah Missionary Baptist Church in Hampton County wanted to address food insecurity in their community. Leaders of the church met with FoodShare SC leaders to discuss placing a hub in Hampton County. Huspah Missionary Baptist Church leaders made site visits to hubs in Bamberg and Orangeburg to participate in their produce packing days. Church leaders reached out to Clemson Extension for technical assistance.

Huspah Missionary Baptist Church had its inaugural packing day in July. Produce boxes are 12 X 12 X 12 cardboard boxes containing 8 to 12 fresh fruits and vegetables. Each box contains a recipe card pertaining to the produce in the box. The church is in the process of applying for the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP). The produce box costs $15.00. With SNAP, the participant would be charged $5.00. Twice a month, the church receives a truckload of fresh produce and packs boxes for the community.

If you are interested in volunteering, purchasing a box, or learning more information, please reach out to Huspah Missionary Baptist Church at 803-943-0033 or Hampton County Clemson Extension at 803-943-3427. FoodShare SC sites in the Savannah Valley include Orangeburg, Bamberg, and Hampton.

Picture of food share signage
Food Share Sign
Freight pallet with food share boxes
Food Share Shipment

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Food Share Delivery Truck
Food Share Truck
Produce arranged in front of a produce box.
Food Share Produce

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