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Clarendon County 4-H Needs

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Alyssa L. Jones, 4-H Youth Development

Clarendon County 4-H Needs

Hey, All!

As we move into the new year, the Clarendon County 4-H family would appreciate your help to be successful. Our most significant need is getting the word out there about Clarendon County 4-H! If you want to share your 4-H story, please email or call Alyssa Jones, your local 4-H agent. Your story can be shared through an essay, a video, photographs, or drawings. We want to create a video with a collection of 4-H stories to post to Facebook and bring to events. We also need volunteers. If you wish to help for a couple of hours once a year to speak to the kids, have the kids shadow you at work, or help with club meetings, WE NEED YOU! If you have a skill you want to share (sewing, quilting, fixing small engines, public speaking, etc.), please get in touch with Alyssa. Our next need is significant, open space we can use for Season Fun Days/Festivals. We plan to host seasonal events throughout the year and need a bigger space than the county extension office. Please let us know if you have connections to a suitable outdoor or indoor space. These events will be open to the public and allow the kids and community to share their crafts and knowledge with everyone in the Clarendon County area. Contact info: Alyssa Jones 843-944-8611 or 877-885-0184.

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