Savannah Valley District

Corn Planting Season

                                                                     HANNAH W. MIKELL
Agronomy Agent, Clarendon & Williamsburg County

Corn planting season is just around the corner, and we look forward to a warm spring and more corn acreage as the prices have held steady, preparing for planting season 2023. We should expect winter burn-down applications in early March and full-swing planting on March 15th. Optimum ground temperatures are, on average, 55° and higher for corn this time of year. We look forward to mild temperatures in timely rains in the coming months.

Wheat acreage has declined due to the lower prices.  However, a lot of wheat planted has received promising tiller counts, which should result in more bushels per acre. Recent fertilizer application is expected soon and should carry grain to harvest. 

After recently scouting wheat this winter, hessian fly damage is minimal due to timely insecticide applications. Convenient tissue sampling of the top 6 inches of wheat leaves will give us an accurate account of what nutrients the plant has utilized thus far and how much more is needed. The picture included wheat with Hessian fly egg casing. The second picture is an example of the tiller, counting.

This is a renewal year for most Paraquat and Dicamba private pesticide applicators. Several farmers have already participated in the training and chemical spray safety procedures. The following Private Applicator Training is on April 1st at Clarendon Clemson Extension Office. 

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