Savannah Valley District

A Summer Full of Fun, Laughter, and Healthy Eating!

Felicia C. Cunningham, Senior Extension/4-H Agent

The amount of food and calories children and teens need changes over time based on an individual’s growth stage, gender, and physical activity level. Physical activity and nutrition work together for better health. Physical activity is important for keeping your weight balanced and your bones healthy. It allows you to eat more, making getting the nutrients you need easier.

Healthy Habit workshops were conducted at various locations in Jasper County. The youth were involved in measuring ingredients, reading recipes and following directions, preparing multiple dishes, and discussing the importance of eating a well-balanced meal daily. Some of the dishes and snacks we made were homemade ice cream, smoothies, shrimp and grits, gumbo, breakfast omelets, spinach and mozzarella burgers, and many more. The youth were introduced to different herbs that can be used in numerous dishes. Youth were actively involved in physical activities and games. They created a MyPlate bracelet as a tangible reminder to help them select and eat food from each of the five food groups, drink water, and stay active.

Healthy Habits Pledge I pledge to stay healthy and clean through exercise and good hygiene. I will eat balanced meals every day to have more energy to learn and play. Every night I will get a good rest to be more ready to do my best. If I work hard to be healthy and strong I’ll be happier my whole life long. 


Ozobot is a small smart robot that is programmable through drawn lines and color codes, and through our easy-to-use OzoBlockly editor in which you can create autonomous behavior and complex programs.  Participants learn robotics and programming with a hands-on approach.  The students control Ozobot behavior by using color codes called OzoCodes.

The bowling game below is an example of how to use Ozobot in connection with a game piece to create fun learning activities.  The objective of the game is to use Ozobot as a bowling ball and program the “ball’ to knock down all pins standing on the lane.

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