Savannah Valley District

Summer Always Brings Trouble

Charles W. Davis, County Extension Agent – Certified Crop Advisor

After nearly forty-five years as an Extension Agronomy Agent, I have come to the conclusion that summer always brings trouble. Nature can be an uncooperative beast intent on devouring our efforts to produce the crops that fuel our livelihoods. When we moved from being hunter/gatherers to being planters, we apparently angered the powers that be, and a whole host of insects, diseases, and other maladies were sent to make life difficult. Since summer is when we produce most of our crops, that is usually when most of the trouble starts. Hence, summer always brings trouble.

Farmers have come to expect the unexpected. History tells us that when you solve one problem, you open the door for another. This summer has been no different. The questions abound. Why is my corn turning yellow? Why won’t my corn grow? Why are my peanuts so small? What is killing my soybeans? What are these spots on my cotton? What is this weed? Where did it come from? Why won’t my herbicide kill it? What is this insect? Will it hurt my crop? Yes, we, Clemson Extension, are the What/Why folks. When your neighbors and Google fail you, come to us. Better yet, come to us first so you can be one up on your neighbor. Why? Because we are all about the science. Not opinions, not snake oils, not conspiracy theories, just science. Under the microscope, test plot, and research confirmed science. We have scientists, researchers, laboratories, and field agents to get the answers. We have no products to sell, no axe to grind, and no hidden agendas—just the facts based on science. So, when the summer troubles come, and they will come, and you need to know the what/why answers, remember that Clemson Extension is here, with the science.

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