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Home Maker’s Column: The “Germiest” Items in the Kitchen

Christine Patrick We all know that cleanliness in the kitchen is crucial for the prevention of foodborne illness. Constant cleaning and sanitation of counters, appliances, and utensils is a requirement. While most of us are good at keeping the obvious kitchen items clean, there may be germs lurking in places that you haven’t thought about. […]

Homemaker’s Column: It’s Easy to Be Nuts About Plain OL’ Pecans

Christine Patrick IT’S EASY TO BE NUTS ABOUT PLAIN OL’ PECANS Who isn’t nuts about pecans? Straight out of the shell raw, buttered and toasted, made into butter pecan ice cream or baked into that sweet Southern delicacy known as pecan pie Pecans are powerfully palette pleasing. European settlers were introduced to the pecan by […]

Homemaker’s Column: Saving Money on Groceries

Christine Patrick SAVING MONEY ON GROCERIES There are two ways to save money on your groceries: buy less or pay less. “Buying less” always sounds like you have to diminish your lifestyle. And “spending less” sounds like you have to go into the supermarket with a bag full of coupons. True, these are ways to […]

What goes in a three-day Emergency Food Supply?

CLEMSON EXTENSION SERVICE BY: CHRISTINE PATRICK COUNTY EXTENSION AGENT WHAT GOES IN A THREE-DAY EMERGENCY FOOD SUPPLY? Emergencies come in all shapes and sizes – ice storms, hurricanes, floods, tornadoes. Each can leave you dependent on supplies you have at home for a short time. A three-day emergency preparedness kit will be useful for most […]

Homemaker’s Column: The Sunshine Vitamin

HOMEMAKER’S COLUMN BY: CHRISTINE PATRICK COUNTY EXTENSION AGENT THE SUNSHINE VITAMIN The summertime’s most prolific nutrient is found above. Vitamin D, also known as “the sunshine vitamin,” is unique in the fact that its predominant source is not food, but sunlight. As opposed to water-soluble vitamins that should be consumed daily, vitamin D is a […]

Homemaker’s Column: Fluid Needs

HOMEMAKER’S COLUMN BY: CHRISTINE PATRICK COUNTY EXTENSION AGENT   FLUID NEEDS Drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated when outdoor temperatures and humidity levels are extremely high. Dehydration is a health risk, especially for young children and the elderly. To avoid dehydration and keep your body working normally during the summer months, replace water lost […]

Homemaker’s Column: Queen Of Fruits Is A Real Peach

HOMEMAKER’S COLUMN BY: CHRISTINE PATRICK COUNTY EXTENSION AGENT   QUEEN OF FRUITS IS A REAL PEACH Peach time in South Carolina ushers in the season for peach shortcake, peach cobbler, peach ice cream, peach pie, peaches & cream, and plain peaches. What a misnomer that is. Peaches, sweet and tree-ripened, with no accompaniment, are not […]

Homemaker’s Column: Family Mealtime – More Than Just A Meal

HOMEMAKER’S COLUMN CHRISTINE J. PATRICK COUNTY EXTENSION AGENT   FAMILY MEALTIME: MORE THAN JUST A MEAL Sitting down together to enjoy a family meal provides more than the food prepared. Benefits of sharing a meal include: Connection – People of all ages eat better when meals are shared with family and friends. Any meal counts, not […]

Homemaker’s Column: Melon Basics

HOMEMAKER’S COLUMN BY: CHRISTINE PATRICK COUNTY EXTENSION AGENT MELON BASICS It’s that time of year again: Melon season! What are some practical tips on purchasing and using melons? Buying Melons • When selecting melons of any variety, look for quality and freshness. • The melon rind should have good color and should not be misshapen […]

Homemaker’s Column: Guidelines For Cooking Fish

HOMEMAKER’S COLUMN BY: CHRISTINE PATRICK COUNTY EXTENSION AGENT GUIDELINES FOR COOKING FISH Cooked to perfection, fish is at its flavorful best and will be moist, tender, and have a delicate flavor. In general, fish is cooked when its meat just begins to flake easily when tested with a fork and it loses its translucent or […]