Savannah Valley District

Sassemanesh Adds Zest to the Holiday Season

Christine Patrick There’s nothing quite like those tart little sassemanesh berries to add zest to meals at Thanksgiving. What’s that? You’ve never heard of sassemanesh berries? Well, maybe you know them better as cranberries. Sassemanesh is one of the names given to the fruit by some eastern Native American tribes. The Algonquin called them atoqua, […]

America’s First Grape is Still a Favorite

Christine Patrick When it comes to grapes, we have Thompson seedless, Concord, and wine varieties like Zinfandel, Merlot, and Cabernet. When it comes to a Southerner’s taste buds, however, there is a fondness for America’s first grape – Vitis rotundifolia. You know it better as the muscadine, that bronze or purple-black fruit that is native […]

Using and Storing Apples

Christine Patrick Using and Storing Apples South Carolina-grown apples are available from late August to November. Apples are: a good source of fiber. a source of potassium and vitamin C. low calorie—81 calories per 2½” apple. How to buy apples:  Apples should feel firm. If you can dent one with your finger, it is too […]

FoodShare SC

Picture of food share signage

Michelle Altman, Rural Health Extension Agent – Hampton County FoodShare SC is an organization based out of Columbia, South Carolina. FoodShare SC’s vision is to ensure access to fresh produce for all in our communities. FoodShare SC’s goal is to enhance the quality of life by creating access to fresh, affordable food. FoodShare SC partners […]

Preserving Root Vegetables

By Christine Patrick, Health Extension Agent Root vegetables are in season during this time of the year. For those of you who are considering canning and pickling them, you’re in for a pleasant surprise! Beets – Pickled Beets Ingredients 7 pounds of 2- to 2½-inch diameter beets 4 cups vinegar (5 percent acidity) 1½ teaspoons […]

More Broccoli. Please!

Christine Patrick Parents and children seem to have more struggles over vegetables than any other kind of food. Vegetables should be offered in the same matter-of-fact way that all other foods are offered Start vegetables in infancy. Talk to your doctor or WIC program about how and when to begin solid foods. Some nutritionists recommend […]

Home Maker’s Column: The “Germiest” Items in the Kitchen

Christine Patrick We all know that cleanliness in the kitchen is crucial for the prevention of foodborne illness. Constant cleaning and sanitation of counters, appliances, and utensils is a requirement. While most of us are good at keeping the obvious kitchen items clean, there may be germs lurking in places that you haven’t thought about. […]

Be Well Informed Program

Be Well Informed is a program developed by a team of Water Resources agents that provides information to well owners about best management practices for maintaining their well and protecting the water source. Approximately 20% of South Carolina residents rely on wells to provide drinking water in their homes. The water that supplies the well […]

Trentepohlia (green algae) on Pine Trees

Pine Tree with Green Algae

Forestry agent Janet Steele recently looked at a stand of planted loblolly pine in Orangeburg County.  The landowner called because many of his trees were covered in orange growth.  Janet had never seen anything like it before and sent it to the plant diagnostic lab.  It is a green algae, Trentepohlia.  It has an orange color […]

Homemaker’s Column: It’s Easy to Be Nuts About Plain OL’ Pecans

Christine Patrick IT’S EASY TO BE NUTS ABOUT PLAIN OL’ PECANS Who isn’t nuts about pecans? Straight out of the shell raw, buttered and toasted, made into butter pecan ice cream or baked into that sweet Southern delicacy known as pecan pie Pecans are powerfully palette pleasing. European settlers were introduced to the pecan by […]