Savannah Valley District

Gluten Labeling

Christine Patrick, County Extension Agent Gluten has taken a big fall in the food and nutrient world in recent years. Some of the reasons for gluten aversion include celiac disease, gluten intolerance, and weight control. If you avoid gluten, the following labeling guidelines will help you make science-based choices when choosing gluten-free foods. What is […]

South Carolina to Issue Handy New Card for Ag Sales Tax Exemptions

South Carolina to Issue Handy New Card for Ag Sales Tax Exemptions SCATE Will Debut February 1, 2022 By Eva Moore, South Carolina Department of Agriculture In 2022, the South Carolina Department of Agriculture is rolling out a handy new card for farmers to use for agricultural sales tax exemptions. South Carolina state law offers […]

Calhoun/Orangeburg Newsletter

Meeting Attendees

Janet Steele, Clemson Cooperative Extension Forestry Agent The Orangeburg-Calhoun Forest Landowners Association met in person on Thursday, September 30, 2021. The group’s previous meetings had been virtual since the Covid pandemic began in 2020. Mr. Jimmy Guthrie hosted approximately 30 members at his property in Neeses. A large picnic pavilion provided a picturesque location for […]

Cold Case: Seasonal Flu Illness

Christine Patrick, Clemson Extension EFNEP Agent With the flu bearing down on South Carolina, we are all looking for ways to avoid this miserable illness. Flu shots, washing hands, downing vitamins, drinking lots of water, regular exercise, and getting enough sleep are all ways to help build up your body’s immune system, especially during this […]

Modifying Holiday Recipes

Christine Patrick, County Extension Agent Enjoy a healthful guilt-free holiday by modifying the recipes for some of your favorite holiday foods to reduce the fat, sugar, and salt and to add fiber. These guidelines explain how to change certain ingredients and by how much. Fat You save about 120 calories for every tablespoon of oil […]

Plug-In Ingredients and Make Casserole

Christine Patrick, County Extension Agent Leftovers can be just leftovers, or you can jazz things up and turn them into something your family may start wanting more often. The idea is to plug ingredients into a casserole formula. You mix and match according to what you have in the refrigerator or on the pantry shelf, […]

Pie Fillings

Christine Patrick, Extension Agent The recipes for fruit pie fillings all use a modified food starch called Clear Jel®. This starch produces the correct thickening, even after the fillings are canned and baked. Other starches, such as cornstarch, break down and result in a runny filling. Clear Jel® must be used as the thickener in […]

Making Comfort Foods Healthier

Christine Patrick, County Extension Agent When the weather gets cooler and the leaves start turning beautiful colors, you may look forward to eating warm, rich, and hearty comfort foods. Unfortunately, they can wreck your diet and cause you to pack on extra pounds unless you modify your recipes or limit your portions. Research shows that […]

Sassemanesh Adds Zest to the Holiday Season

Christine Patrick There’s nothing quite like those tart little sassemanesh berries to add zest to meals at Thanksgiving. What’s that? You’ve never heard of sassemanesh berries? Well, maybe you know them better as cranberries. Sassemanesh is one of the names given to the fruit by some eastern Native American tribes. The Algonquin called them atoqua, […]

America’s First Grape is Still a Favorite

Christine Patrick When it comes to grapes, we have Thompson seedless, Concord, and wine varieties like Zinfandel, Merlot, and Cabernet. When it comes to a Southerner’s taste buds, however, there is a fondness for America’s first grape – Vitis rotundifolia. You know it better as the muscadine, that bronze or purple-black fruit that is native […]