Carrie Birchfield

Name: Carrie Birchfield

Hometown: Powdersville, South Carolina

Major: Middle Level Education (Science and Math)

Favorite place for lunch on campus: TD’s (try the Buffalo Chicken Wrap!) and NO lunch is complete without the Cinnamon Roll from All In Coffee Shop for desert!

Favorite spot on campus: Bowman Field

Favorite question on a tour: “What’s your favorite thing about Clemson” – The people!!  The people are what makes this place so special. The “Clemson Family” is not a cliché, it is honestly just the best way to describe being part of this community. Family.

Clubs and Organizations you are involved in: The Hills Retreat, FCA, Clemson Hope, Student Government and the Clemson University Guide Association

Hobbies: Reading, traveling, hanging out with friends and anything outdoors or near water!

Advice for jumping into college life: Be friendly!  Sometimes others just need someone else to be the first to say “hi” or suggest a hangout; be bold because you never know when you might make a new friend.

Advice on how to choose a college: Don’t let fear of what others think effect such a big decision as this.  The reputation that comes with choosing a “cool” or “prestigious” college only lasts until you graduate high school, but your college experience is four years of your life.  Go where you truly feel at home, even if that is somewhere different than your peers.

Fun fact about yourself: I am an Aunt!  I will show you photos of my nieces all day long if you ask me!!!