Claire Atkinson

Name: Claire Atkinson

Hometown: Greensboro, North Carolina

Major: Health Sciences  Minor: Youth Development Studies

Favorite place for lunch on campus: I’m super indecisive so I’ll give a few! Your Pie or Loose Change for lunch, Spill the Beans for ice cream, and All In for coffee!

Favorite spot on campus:  The middle of library bridge overlooking the reflection pond and the amphitheater!

Favorite question on a tour:  “Why did you choose Clemson as an out-of-state student?” I absolutely love getting to share with the families how Clemson has become a second home and family to me! I have found such a sweet community in unexpected ways, and I couldn’t be more grateful! This place means more to me than I thought a college ever could! I’m so lucky to be a Clemson Tiger!

Clubs and Organizations you are involved in: Clemson FCA, Alpha Delta Pi, and (best of all) Clemson University Guide Association!

Hobbies: walking on the dikes, cooking/baking, dancing, and finding cozy little coffee shops

Advice for jumping into college life:  Take the transition period to decide what is really important to you and what you want to carry over from high school into college. Then, jump into something new that you’ve always wanted to do or that sounds exciting to you! College is an opportunity to learn and grow in new ways, and I think you might be surprised by what you gain from trying new things!

Advice on how to choose a college:  Choose a place that you want to last you more than just 4 years! I hope you all find a school where it feels like move-in cannot come fast enough, your undergraduate years cannot pass by slowly enough, and the rest of your life could never be long enough to tell the world how amazing your university is! Let the campus you choose be a place where you feel real peace and joy!

Fun fact about yourself: In 5th grade, I broke both of my arms at the same time :/