Helena Harte

Name: Helena Harte

Hometown: Fairfax, Virginia

Majors: Political Science & History

Favorite spot for lunch: Loose Change

Favorite spot on campus: The amphitheatre

Favorite question on a tour: Why did you like living on campus? Answer: The best part about being a freshman is that when you wake up every morning, you are practically already in your class. The layout of the campus puts you in an optimal position to be near all the academic buildings and centers of student life. The best yet is that when you wake up on game days, you are a short walk away from the stadium. Living on campus as a freshman means you are at the center of everything.

Clubs: Student Alumni Council, Activities Committee, Council of Diversity Affairs

Hobbies: Readings, listening to music, watching movies, traveling

Advice for college life: Get involved! Don’t be afraid to talk to your peers, everyone is looking for friends.

Advice for choosing college: Pick a place that will challenge you academically but fulfill your need for community and belonging. This tension is what will push you to do your best in school and make a difference on campus.

Fun fact: I lived in India for two years.