Landon Ethredge


Name: Landon Ethredge

Hometown: Charleston, South Carolina

Major: Bioengineering

Minor: Chemistry

Favorite Place for Lunch on Campus or In Town: Moe’s!

Favorite Spot on Campus: Top floor of the Cooper Library. It’s the perfect spot to get work done but also still be really social. Even if I don’t have studying to do, I’ll still stop by to say hi to any friends who are up there.

Favorite Question on a Tour: I love when people ask me about my Clemson ring! It’s the tie that binds the Clemson family together. As an undergraduate student, wearing my ring is a reminder of the work I’ve put into my education and is a motivator towards finishing strong. I can’t wait to one day flex my ring and proudly say “I went to Clemson!” (It’s also a really awesome-looking ring.)

Clubs and Organizations You are Involved in on Campus: Clemson University Guide Association, Theta Tau Professional Engineering Fraternity, Clemson FCA, Bioengineering Research Lab, Clemson Bioengineering Organization, Clemson MedEx Club, Clemson Honors College, Alpha Epsilon Delta

Hobbies: Gym, pickleball, hiking, listening to music, and watching Clemson play any sport.

Advice for Jumping Into College Life: Don’t be afraid to dive into the unknown. I’ve met some of the best people and had some of the best experiences just by saying “yes” to daunting opportunities. Also, college is about learning a lot but also living life as well. Make sure to invest in your personal growth just as much as you invest in your academic growth.

Advice on How to Choose a College: You will get a good education wherever you go, but make sure you find a school with the people that make you feel valued and a community that makes you feel supported. The Clemson family is the most unique group of people in how kind and caring everyone is, so after my 4 years here I will walk away with not just my degree but a wealth of life-long relationships as well.

Fun Fact About Yourself: I was on ESPN in 7th grade for the Scripps National Spelling Bee.